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Busta And Pong Investigate Composting (7:56)

A video starring the Wastebuster characters Busta and Pong where they meet two sock monsters and Busta beams down to an allotment to find out about composting. Busta meets Agent Strawbridge who explains all about composting, how organic matter likes DAMP, HEAT and DARK and that only food that is not cooked should go into a normal household composter.

This resource is part of the Reducing Waste In School Toolkit Teaching pack and Toolkit. Click to see the full Reducing Waste In School Toolkit pack.
Key Stages: 1 (Ages 5 - 7)
Topics: Food & organics, Waste
Resource Types: Videos
Curriculum Subjects: Science, Citizenship
Themes: Green/Waste Weeks, Christmas
Campaigns: Waste Week, Recycle Week
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